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Pigs (Sus scrofa) are native to Eurasia and northern Africa. In the early 1700's Spanish and Russian settlers introduced domestic pigs to California as livestock and many became feral. In the 1920's a Monterey county landowner introduced the European wild boar, a wild subspecies of Sus scrofa into California, which bred with the domestic pigs. The result of these introductions is a wild boar/feral domestic pig hybrid.

Until the mid 1950's, wild pigs were unclassified under state law and could be killed with no restrictions. In 1957, wild pigs were designated a game mammal by the State Legislature. The Fish and Game Commission soon established hunting seasons, bag and possession limits, method of take and the conditions for using dogs. In 1992 Fish and Game Code Sections 4650 through 4657 were added that required hunters to possess wild pig license tags while hunting pigs.

Wild pigs currently exist in 56 of the state's 58 counties and can be found in a variety of habitats ranging from woodland, chaparral, meadow and grasslands. Wild pigs are omnivorous, consuming both plant and animal matter. In general, wild pigs feed on: grasses and forbs in the spring: mast and fruits in the summer and fall: and roots, tubers and invertebrates throughout the year.

As with all game species, wild pig behavior tends to change as hunting pressure increases. Where hunting is infrequent wild pigs may be active during the day. With moderate hunting, pigs tend to bed down around sunrise and become active again in late afternoon. In areas with heavy hunting pressure pigs are generally active only at night. Depending on pig density and abundance of cover, wild pigs tend to leave an area where hunting pressure becomes severe.

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hey i watch that program toooo....


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When I first started pig hunting in CA. a book of five pig tags cost about $5 and now 1 pig cost over $18.00. I'm so glad to be in Texas.

Here is a picme and twoCA hogs from quite a few years ago. Notice the pig tag in the ear of the pig on the right.


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Iremember hunting them up and around Raymond,Ca and in the foothills around Fresno and Clovis and up around Pineflat Reserv. when it did not cost a penny to hunt them. Ihave hinted them around Paso Robles, and Sun City also. Then the state saw they could make some money off of us guys hunting, and implimented the tag book system. Iquit hunting them after that. LMAO.....................At least on public land that is.

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