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01-26-2009, 04:36 PM
A few years ago I was hunting in East Texas on a creek bottom where I had setup a feeder and molasses drip at the edge of the bottoms. I made a tripod stand out of rebar to hold the 1 gallon malasses drip. Once the hogs got turned on to the molasses they repeatedly tore down the tripod and tore up the jug of molasses. I would oblige them but putting up a new jug. I also suspended a salt lick for the deer from the feeder about 3 feet from the ground, and routinely applied gel attractant to the lick. The hogs did not seem tobother withthe salt lick too much the corn and molasses was pretty satisfying.

Isetup myinsulated tower blindabout 125 yards away,so I had a pretty good vantage point and the area around the creek bottom really opened up well providing lots of visibility.

Since the hogs were not coming out during the daylight hours Idecided it was time to get on their schedule. I could not at that timefind asuitable light for hunting at night. I purchased a floating fishing light and hooked it up to a deep cycle marine battery, thinking it would give sufficient light. Based on my calculations I figured the battery would power the light for about 24 hours straight giving me plently of light for a night hunt. I put the battery on top of the feeder and let the light hand down the side shining light under the feeder.

I was sitting in my blind and not much was happening as it got dark.I decidedto lay down for a while thinking the hogs would come in around midnight or so and left the windows open so Icould hear them when they came if Ifell asleep.

Around 11:30 pm, I waswoke up with heart pounding echoing squeals coming down the creek bottom. As I lookedout the window, I could only make out shadows moving around the feeder. There was plenty of grunting and fighting going on and as I put thebinocs on them I could start to identify some very large, medium and small hogs.There was a slight movement back and forth on this large beast. The fighting and grunting was getting louder and louder and I estimated that there must be 30 hogs around the feeder and molasses drip. I watched for a few seconds then put the 30-06 on what I thought was the largest in the group and fired the carefully placed round.

Nothing but silence, pigs must must have been running every direction and even hitting the feeder legs as the light was swaying back and forth. I could here a couple of small pigs squealing as I ejected the spent shell out and loaded a new one. I grabbed my flashlight, knife and rifle and climbed down to claim my quarry.

As I approached the feeder I shined the light under it and could see what looked like blood and organs.OK Ithought got a good headshot. Getting closer I realized that the blood and organs was actually the salt lick with the attractant gel. http://texashoghunter.com/images/images/forum/emoticons/doh.gif

Apparently while transitioning from the binocs to the rifle scope I lost the large sow that I was targeting and caught the swaying of the salt lick as the "hog". http://texashoghunter.com/images/images/forum/emoticons/redface.gif

I slept in the blind that night hoping that no one heard the shot at camp. The next morning I went over the the camp and everyone wanted to know where the hog was. So as Ipainfully told the story, coffee came spewing out of a couple of ol' boys mouths and one of them said he was going to call the game officer to see if shootinga salt lick at night wasseason. http://texashoghunter.com/images/images/forum/emoticons/naughty.gif

Lesson learned - don't hang a salt lick off offoffeeder if you are hunting hogs at night and the floating fishing lights are betterleft forfishing than hog hunting. http://texashoghunter.com/images/images/forum/emoticons/lol.gif

01-27-2009, 01:32 AM
Back during deer season this past December I was coming away from my hunting area/blind and wasabout halfway from my blind to my fourwheeler when I heard a noise behind me. I turned around hoping it was a nice buck but tomy suprise it was a wild boar. He was all by himself and he saw me about the time Isaw him. He was coming right towards me and I thought I was a gonner when he grunted and turned to run away. I threw my rifle to my shoulder and got pig in the scope.I let him have it. Needless to say I got back to camp and had to wake my son up to go back andhelp me load it on the fourwheeler.

It was anice boar and one of three that I killed during thedeer season.

I hate it when they sneak up on me though.


01-27-2009, 10:14 AM
I had one do that to me also I was walking on a levee about dark and a boar came out of the bottoms only a few feet away from me. Luckily it startled us both and he hightailed it back the way he came from.

02-06-2009, 03:32 AM
Shooting salt licks. Nice thanks for sharing you just made me laugh. And I needed it.

02-18-2009, 04:46 AM
at least i aint the only one to mess up on o hog lol