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    Bow Tuning

    Tricks, tips and what products to use. I will be experimenting on my old back up bow, I will be putting it in the press and disassembling it! I read how to manuals etc., what ever I can find, but I would like to know what people have done. Performance tricks etc... best products (lube etc..). Whatever knowledge you can share is welcomed! Mike

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    If your wanting to properly tune your bow from scratch here are some things to look for and to do. 1. if you have a dual cam bow ensure both cams are timed properly so they break over at the same point. Single cam bows such as mathews you need to ensure the cam is timed by ensuring when strung with cables and string it also lies in the proper posistion. Both thypes of bows can be tuned by adding or removing twists to the cables. 2. the string. Most strings are made of a 22-24 strand fastflight materail unless it is on older bow that uses the tear drop or recurve which is made from dacron. I personnaly like building all my own strings i will make them a 16-18 strand. 3. when building my own strings i use less center serving than what is on a premade string. factory stings tend to have more center serving than is needed. by only putting enough center serving on for proper arrow and knock placement i can gain about 5fps. 4. the only lubes or wax used on my bow is just good old string wax. i normally apply string wax after every other hunt and after every time i have a good practice say about 50- 100 shots. 5. I will replace the string every year but unless your string shows lots of fraying it should still be good. 6. Keep in mind string and cable stretching specially for the higher poundage bows. as this will effect the tuning of your bow. 7. Arrows. cut your arrows to length by leaving arrows at the regular legnth you will get more tuning problems out of them specially if your a shorter draw like my 25 inch draw. Cut arrows to either just in front of or in the center of the riser. 8. ensure your rest is properly placed on the bow. depending on the rest will decide how hard its going to be to tune the rest to the bow. 9. knocking point. the knocking point is going to be different on every bow. but buy setting you knocking point to almost perfect will let you to be able to make minor adjustments when paper tuning yout bow. 10. paper tuneing your bow. you need to do the following. If your having problems with arrow flight try paper tuning your bow That means you have to do the followin get a nice size peice paper and fix it to some type of frame that will allow u to shoot through it. Stand about 6 feet from the paper draw and anchor your bow like you normally would do not aim the bow just kinda point it toward the paper. Realease the arrow. Look at the paper tear if it is a bullet hole with not tearing to left right up or down ur good. If tear is left or right you need to adjust your rest. if the tear is up or down you need to adjust you knocking point. If still having problems tuning check the timing on your cams a local pro shop can help you with that and usally wont charge you. Also check to ensure the bow is fitted to your proper draw legnth also as that can cause you bow not to tune properly as i have found out trying to tune bows in the proshop i worked in. The end result you are looking for is a bullet holw wit lottle to no tearing in any direction



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