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    Helping Vets Hunt

    For those that are going to help out at the hunt this weekend, please take a moment and try to post updates as the day goes by or at least an update nightly to allow those that donated and cannot make it and the rest that could not partake in this event know how things are going and any other news, weather issues, contest winners, etc. as the weekend progresses. Thanks !

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    You're still planning on being there right?

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    I know Ill be around some over the course of the weekend. Neil and I have plan B in place, incase some hunters are not successful.

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    Don't forget the pictures! I will be waiting to see how it's going!

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    Yes, I plan to be there. I will arrive about 5:30 or 6:00 pm Saturday night and stay until Sunday Morning. I have to work on Saturday and cannot get out of Dallas until 3:00 pm. I hope to be able to bring some ice for drinks, packing hog meat, coolers, and whatever else it might be needed for. See ya'll Saturday Night!

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    My Family along with Corbin and patty should be there around 5 or 6 also

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    Can you provide the names of the ADMs who attended this event, so i may look them up or see them in the hallway here @ BAMC. Yes, don't forget pictures, lots of pictures..

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    hmmm...was hoping there would be some sort of update by now - weather an issue down there? I see by radar there is a large storm that has heavy everyone and everything OK? Here is what I found on radar:

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    Are there any updates on how the hunt is going???

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    Seems to be a good thread on the hunt going on under the campfire section. Here is a link to find the thread:



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