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    Grim Reaper - Product Testing

    For those of you who haven't seen this video yet I will post it here for everyone to view. I tested out the Grim Reaper product several years ago and it has over 5,000 views on YouTube alone.

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    Good vid Coach!

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    Saw your video on the tube long ago. Went and bought a few bottles. Put a bottle each in my traps. I have all this on video on my you tube channel. I will admit that I don't have alot of hogs, but they are there. The grim reaper still smells around the traps as much as 10 weeks later. I never caught 1 hog in 3 traps on 2 different properties. If anyone considers trying this product, all I can recomend is you make it before you buy it. Mix 2 oz of anize extract with 1 oz of vannila extract. Mix in 1 tbs of pennut butter. If you put this mixture next to grim reaper you can not tell the diferance. Good luck.

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    Sounds like Tinks 69 with the vanilla extract. LOL Made the same thing. Smells the same and the 69.

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    Well the video has over 8,000 views now... Glad to hear the product is still putting off the scent even 10 weeks later. How did the Vanilla/Peanut Butter work out for you guys? I'm always interested in hearing what is working for everyone.

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    I've used grim reaper and the pigs in my area showed no interest in it at all. In your video, it looks to me like the hogs showed no interest in it as it was the corn they were after. Maybe next time put the grim reaper by itself away from the corn and see how much the pigs go to it. I agree with dnahoghunter that it smells just like anise oil

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    Pigs were after the corn for sure. Those pigs look like regular visitors to that feeder, so these results are skewed!!!! I have never had any luck holding hogs in an area with one of these attractants. If a pigs belly isn't getting full, he is going to move on...PERIOD!!!! Shane Ladewig >>----------------------------> Pro Staff Member

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    i didnt see anything that convinced me.

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    Videographer did that contest winner hunt take place yet? If so what happened on that?



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