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    Wisconsin's Ghost Deer

    Guys, I know this has nothing to do with hogs but guys, this is amazing video and stills of the animals. I myself could never bring my self to shoot one. They are too rare and a wonder to see. Ihope that y'all feel the same way.

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    It's not working. Have to keep trying to get it in here.

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    Still having troubles?

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    Yep, had some home video's of the "white", whitetails that my uncle took from Wi but can't getthem in. If you go to youtube and search for ghost deer, they will come up. The ones around Ft. Atkinson,Wi are the same ones Ihave the home vid's of.

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    How could somebody shoot a sacred medicine animal? I couldn't do it.

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    Man, me neither. I think that Wi did a bad thing when they started allowing the harvesting of "white" whitetails. Ihave seen a couple myself at my sisters place in Eagle,Wi. They areamazing animals. No money could everbring me to kill one,ever.

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    I could! quick, fast, and in a hurry!

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    Pretty cool looking deer!!!

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    I couldn't do that. You need to be very fast



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