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    Shooting Hogs with a 17 HMR

    We shoot a lot of hogs at our place with the 17 HMR because it doesn't spook the deer like a ccenterfire does and is very effective.

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    We do the same thing. Stick it under his ear and they drop. Does a number on the javalina as well.

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    At what ranges are you shooting them with the 17HMR?

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    Jason, I've killed them out to 80 yds and as aggiebowhunter has noted they drop on the spot with the ear (area) shot. The supurb accuracy of the 17 makes this an easy task.

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    .22 Mag works well also out to the same distance. Havekilled them also with my 10/22 with a head shot.

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    ok so i could let my kids use my 17 then longs they can hit the ear cool

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    50 yds or less no sweat. They would be able to get used to shooting that way. Then graduate to bigger guns.

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    My son took a small hog the other day with his .17 HMR. It did great.

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    That's what we use also.

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    Well it amazing. Thanks for the pics.
    Have a nice day all.



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