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Thread: No More Friends

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    Man that is alot better because now you can view everyone on the site. Simple to find everyone. Great idea.

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    Much better! Thanks Neill !

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    I agree thats much better

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    not so sure about this

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    I guess I'm not the most popular now. lol

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    I used to have a bunch of friends..... now i have zero. I FEEL so alone

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    Leave for a couple days and yall get rid of all my freinds lol Cant wait to try the PM

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    ok i think i been in the sun to long, some one tell me how to get the pm going cause ive looked in the advance search see all my old freinds so how do i start the dang pm lol.

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    Just click on their profile. Once in their profile page look under their picture. Click send message.

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    Now you can find people that I had no idea they were here. EASY!!!



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