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Thread: big hog cookout

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    big hog cookout

    im having a cookout at work tom. and i have never cooked for a large group i have the hog in quarters how long should it take to cook and how i herd to wrap legs in aluminum foil and cook for six hours but what about ribs and backstrap any help would be appreciated thanks guys

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    Big ol chunks of meat cook low and slow. I would wait about a hour before wrapping in foil. 6-8 hrs should do it. The tenderloin can dry out quick. If you read about the bacon explosion you can use a bacon weave to keep it moist and flavorfull. Dont put that on till the rest of the hog is almost done. Ribs about 3 hours. All this is low temps and indirect cooking. As far as seasoning do what you like. One thing I really live by is the fiesta brand pre mixed seasoning, Rib rub, pinto bean seasoning, fajita seasoning. It is always perfectly seasoned. No need to add anything. It also has the meat tenderizers and what not in it already. I use olive oil to marinate it in the fiesta seasoning. Just remember to sop it, keep it moist, cook it slow. Hell beer salt and pepper can make some mean bbq if done right.

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    Heavier on the beer part right? LMAO

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    A Good sop 1/2 pineapple juice X 1/2 sprite or beer also cut the hams and work some salt into it along the bone

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    why the salt around the bones and how much salt?

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    sometime hog hams are pretty cutting several wholes in the ham and putting some salt or creo seasonings and working it down with your fingers you can put alot of favor through out the ham..if they are small hams there is not need for this. Look at the pictures from the Jason Project..that was a show hog that weight approximatly 300lb. We cooked it for 15 hr. (but this was a whole hog) Smaller hogs dont need that much time to cook. That hog was scald and scraped and cooked whole. We also use a vinager base sauce to sop it with. It is made from ketchup, vinigar, water, red pepper, lousiana hot sauce, and martha tucker shortening.

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    Dang guys!!! All this talk about wild hog and beer is making my mouth water!!!!

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    And Ithought that Iwas the only one with the watering mouth and empty stomach. LOL

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    Inew to this so I would like to know what the best size hog is for cooking and eating?

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    I like the pigs under 50 lbs. Put on smoker for 6-8 hours...low and slow...very good eatin'



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