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    Thank you for posting the article. I am new to the sport (never been on a hunt) and am trying to learn all that I can.

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    Todd: Your in the right place then. I have jsut completed my first hunt and learned so much by talking to the gret ppl here. Good Luck.

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    Good article & very true. Both my wife & I hunt with AR223s using a good Remington or Hornaday hollow point. Most of our shots are 25-70yds. We have never had a problem bringing a hog down. We aim just below & behind the shoulder, piercing the liver & lungs. We have had some DRTs but most don't make it over 25yds. Only problem, some blood trails are very small in the brush until the lungs kick in.

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    I have shot most of my hogs with a 223 as it used to be my truck gun on the ranch I owned but now I hunt at night with a 308 or a 45 70. I have never like to chase down a hog at night its pretty impossible.Chuck



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