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    talk to the land owners they will probably be willin to get rid of hogs, we hunted a golf course in soiuthern okla , surrounded by nice homes, the land owners were ready to get rid of the hogs. the golf course groundsman would call the landowners the nights we we be huntin, also we would contact local law enforcement, 2 officer came out and hunted with us

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    Iget calls from the local precincts weekly here. They are great. The landowner usually calls the law and wants them to take care of the hog problems. The law dogs call me. LOL No problem..........

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    I think an effective method to help "control" the hog population would be to recruit and motivate our youth to get involved and educated about hog hunting and get them out there hunting, trapping, etc The more hunters you got out there whacking the pork, the better chance we have to bring those numbers down. I don't think eradication would be a good thing, me and too many others love to hog hunt too much to live with out having some nice size hogs leave Texas!!! I would actually like to see some more research and wildlife management done to control the hog population.

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    gg, Didn't you say on one other post you would like for them to farm hogs with the Europian genetics? So why now, try and control them? Aint there some type of contradiction in that statement?

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    Actually, I am for wildlife managment, which would involve control and conservation, where we hunt right now on two of our properties the hog numbers have declined the past couple of years, we still see pigs, but not in huge groups that are being destructive to the property. Now in regards to control, I feel that because we effectively hunt and trap hogs on the property and have brought in some new, enthusiastic hunters, we have been able to control the hog population somewhat. I guess my point is I strongly believe in conservation and wildlife management, even if that means the need to introduce or release European genetics, which by the way reproduce at a much slower rate then domestic feral pigs. I also feel that having enough young hunters to support hog hunting as a sport can significantly impact the economy and hog hunting as a whole.



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