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    Copy/Paste Photos in Your Forum Post.

    To place photos in your forum posts: 1. Right-click onany photoin your browserand select "Copy" 2. Go back to your forum post and Right-Click in the white area and select "Paste" 3.You may get afew messages about "allowing access" so go ahead and agree to those prompts if you get them. 4. Your photo should now appear in the forum (see below).

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    Update: You can now add attachments to your posts by clicking the "Browse" buttonnext tothe Attachments field(just below the emoticons).

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    Is there away to make multiple pics in a single post "post" downward instead of to the right?....Thanks!

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    SirVival wrote... Is there away to make multiple pics in a single post "post" downward instead of to the right?....Thanks! I'll keep working on it but it looks like it does push everything to the right when you use the attachments functionality for multiple pix. To get around that problem, you can just copy and paste pictures into the post (see my first post onthis subject)and hit the "Enter" key on your keyboard and that will allow you to post "post" pix downward (see below). Like I said, I will keep working on it and see what I can come up with. Thanks! Neill

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    Sounds easy enough. Most sight are heck when it comes to posting pictures. Keep up the good work. J-J

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    Thanks, needed that



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