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Thread: DRUNK HOGS!!!

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    I was wondering if any of you folks had dropped some kind of sour corn brew and have gotten the hogs drunk. Ive seen it real bad once where i had put all the alcohol that we had left over (after a large collage party) into a corn brew. there was about two gallons ofhardalcohol. also about two gallons of beer(collected from all those sangbaggers!). I let it sit for about a week and then dropped the soaked corn into a trough. The next morning i when up to check it out because from my house i could see the flashes from my field cam basically all night. when i got there, there were about three hogs laid over. One tried to get up but he just fell back over the other way and grunted the smaller sows started squealing. that got the boar goteven more mad and he tried to get on his feet again and made a sad attempt at a charging towards me. his ran right at me for the first few steps then he got side ways and fell over. so if any of you seen or heard anything like this please share...

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    I would love to see a video of that.

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    never heard of such a thing but, I'd like to see something like that. Wonder if it would make the meat taste different?lol

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    Iwould like to see that on video also. That would be funnier than all get out

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    would be guite a sight, have heard of pigs gettin intox after eatin rotten peaches, ol tale from around here

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    that is so funny because i just asked my friend who owns paridise archery if he ever used beer he said it works beter then most stuff wat he does is by a six pack and dump 4 for the pigs and 2 for him when he told me that i thaught is was bull but then he showed me lol

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