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Thread: Forum Update

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    Forum Update

    Howdy Hog Hunters! We have made a small change to the forum - now when you click on a topicthe most recent posts can be found at the TOP of the page(instead of the bottom). See screenshot below... [img]file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/Neill/Desktop/Untitled-3.gif[/img] This will keep us from having to advance several pages to see the most recent posts in the topic. Thanks tokarld for the suggestion! Neill

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    Good idea, that makes it easy.

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    I wondered what the heck happened! LOL!! I thought my account was set to "tachy goes to coventry". Mark

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    The chronological order of the posts still does not seem accurate/currect.

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    The beginning post is still isted at the top of the list, with no demarkation. Kinda confusing.

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    Let me do some homework andseeif there is a way tocreate a demarcation linebetween the original post and the replies. Thanks for the feedback!

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    This is really a great concept - for those that are monitoring a thread. However when someone just checks in - a visitor, by the time the thread is over a page long, the post right under the start of the thread often does not make sense (does not make sense). Perhpas some seperation or indication of the "FIRST POST", and then "RESPONSES, MOST RECENT FIRST", would make it more understandable. REgards, Mark

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    CODY wrote... Good idea, that makes it easy. Actually, I made use of going to the "HOME" page, and click on the last response arrow icon thingy - to get to the end of the thread. The home page with the most current posts is "really" a useful and friendly feature. I I wanted more detail related to what I occured since I last left the forum.... I would go to my "personal home" page - and see what's indicated there. Not sure I like the new format.... I have yet to determine what (script) this page is running on... but so far I am impressed (still considering recently added feature). Mark

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    Sothere isn't any more confusion, I also moved the original post down to the bottom as well...

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    hmmmm... I see the original post indicated in the list... however there is no demarkation for the [RESPONSES - MOST RECENT FIRST] for the following entries. It might be nice if one could select between [MOST RECENT FIRST] or [MOST RECENT LAST]. ????????????????? Mark



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