If someone goes to the "HOMEPAGE", and clicks on the (primary)link to the thread - they should be taken to the beginning of the thread. Otherwise, if someone chooses to click the "arrow image" link to the "LAST POST" of the thread.... then they can go to the last post, collated as such... or perhaps collated differently? The collation of the posts in a thread is what is being tampered with here. It is a nice attempt, but consider above. It would be nice if the original (root) post of the thread could be displayed ina box or frame, seperated from the respones. Then one can sort the responses to their desire, either in their personal preferences as a member, or perhaps re-arrange the responses on the page when the thread is initially displayed. The difference is "going to last post", "going to the frirst post", then on the other hand, you have "going to the first RESPONSE", and "going to the LAST RESPONSE".Then complicate the script by incorporating each of the parameters or options amongst each other. That is as close as I can describe thesituation lacking my experience in certain computer, mathematicaland logisticalsciences. JMTCW Regards, Mark