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    spotted sow - 300 wsm

    thought i'd set up on a draw where some hogs had ben seen,draw empties out intoa large hay meadow, could have up to a 300 yard shot, so itook the 300 wsm. ole dog went with me to keep me company, damn if shedidn't run 2 sows by me at 10 yards. 300wsm might have been tooo much

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    Now THAT is how you shoot a hog!!! Nice job!!!!!!!!

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    That makes for a short tracking job ! Way to go!

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    Nice shot on that hog. Drt on her for sure. I shot one last year that opened up like that. Here's the pic, you can kind of see the split skin.

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    Congrats, is there such a thing as too much fire power when it comes to hogs.

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    NICE SHOT!!!!!!



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