I have been fortunate enough to have a freezer full of deer meat, fish and now wild pig for the past two years. Since I have been spending alot of quality time hunting and fishing there has been alot of good eating meat coming home to the family. Now more then ever my family depends on this delicious and nutrious wild game to provide a suplemental item to our menu. With the belt being tight on spending due to a recessional economy it's nice to no that there is still some good eating meat in the freezer that we can rely on for meals. So last night I defrosted a nice pack of pork chops from the wild pig my dad harvasted at "La Mota" ranch and I made some refried beans and tortillas on the side, the family went "nuts". They absolutely loved the wild game dinner night and I am thankful to have plenty more meat to last me untilt the next time we harvest some more wild pigs. I especially enjoy firing up the bar-b-que pit on a nice day and grilling some wild pig ribs or slow cooking a roast or throwing some ham steaks on the grill. The bottum line is wild game can provide a quality delicious and nutrious meal for the entire family. I feel like Ted Nugent when I serve my family Venison or wild pig, but he had the right idea, it's healthy and taste great!!!