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    Guys, Luke Clayton here. Ilearned to make bacon from ground pork/venison. It is awesome stuff. I have a video on youtube that does a pretty good job of explaining how to do it. The seasoning used to make 10 pounds of bacon costs about $1.50 from the contact person there is mike Pullen Mike is very helpful and does a lot of curing of meats and bacon making, etc. check out this little video I made just go to and type in LUKECLAYTON.. you can easily find the video. Good cooking!lc

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    I killed a Buffalo Cow and have way too much hamburger sounds like a good use for it.Thanks Chuck

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    Everybody love Bacon!!!

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    yep, just email mike pullen and he will get you the instructions for making the bacon. Seasoning is very economical, $1.50 makes ten pounds!

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    Sound like reason to shot another pig



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