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    Hogs and Drought

    Does cold wet weather or a period of drought affect hogs and their reproduction? I'm just curious to see what everyone thinks or knows about this topic, the reason why I ask is because we hunt two locations where we are expecting the hogs to re-populate the area after going AWOL for a few seasons. We know that hogs use to be there but due to drought or bad weather conditions they have moved to greener pastures. Can hogs behave like quial do during periods of drought and reproduce / raise less birds or piglets due to the stress of drought?

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    I think it would. Like any animal, with proper nutrition and health the population will flourish.If you remove one of these elements, the population will survive but not as great.If both are removed the population will dwindle to the point of non-existence unless the elements are restored. If an area goes to drought and all the green lush grass and foliage dies off and turns to withered sprouts it will not maintain basic plant and small animal life.The converse can happen as well and cause just as much damage if not more.If an area gets to much water from natural runoff and rain, it could lead to that same green lush grass and foliage dieing off due to parasites in the water and drowning of the plant and small animal life. Too much water can actually be worse in that it will allow mold and parasites to grow in the ground and may make the land unfertile until the parasites and mold are removed.This could mean you have to remove the actual top soil and layers underneath until you can find ground good fertile ground.Then have to replant and possibly add soil back to the area to maintain proper landscaping for drainage.Both situations will cause any life in the area to leave and find a better habitat to live.

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    I have always thought that in harsh times animals just try to SURVIVE....not THRIVE!!!! Just my two cents.

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    I'm an ag. major at tarleton and most animals will eat twice as much as normal during gestation, the majority of the milk the produce is water, also during gestation is the only time an animals body will sacrifice its self to produce the milk. In times of drought they will move to food and water to avoid this. Also during droughts pig will rarely move in the day they have to stay cool having no sweat glands, they will be hitting water holes and mud holes trying to stay cool.

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    That is what we suspect happened, our place in Mathis got hit hard by the drought when we first began hunting the property, then we got tons of rain and the palce was flooded for most of deer season, we could not even drive through the property. We did a little scouting along nearby roads and other property bordering our hunt location and there were signs of pigs rooting, but we don't even have one pig track on our ranch. I guess some people would see that as a good thing, but we like shooting pigs and have even dumped piles of stinky grain on the ground, put out large piles of old hay and still the pigs have not come back. I guess the next step would be to to go in and do some land management, disking, and maybe planting some food plots or some type of food source, we already built a small water tank.

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