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    does anyone hunt with a crossbow? picked up this tenpoint on a trade. it came with reddot scope and bolts. not familar with crossbows, are they powerful enough for pigs. any information would be appreciated

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    My wife uses one for hunting hogs and it does just fine. They will blow through a hog just as easy as a reg bow will. What poundage is it and is it a compound x-bow or recurve one?

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    it is a titan TL-4, do you use same broadheads as compound bows?

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    I believe the Titan is a 175 lb. crosssbow. It may be 150 lbs, not sure. You can use the same broad-heads as regular bows, but I would tend to stay clear of the mechanicals. That is a very powerful bow and you MAY experience premature opening of a mechanical blade.

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    thanks for the information

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    They have some mech made just for x-bows but Ihave gone to a fixed for my wife. They all recommend at least 125gr but hers are 100gr and fly just fine. This way she can buy her own and Ican use them also. LMAO!!!!!!!!!

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    Yes i am using tenpoint crossbow works fine on pigs!
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