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    THH Group Hunt 2010???

    Hey fellas, would any of ya'll be interested in a group hog huntsometimethis summer? I really enjoyed the couple I went on last year. Anybody Interested???

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    i love the sound of it, all we need is a place.

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    Count me in also Shane. Got a place in mind?

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    No place in mind yet. Just putting out the feelers. I know Doug won't do high fence/captive hunts...which is fine with me. Need to search for free range hog hunting outfitters. 4Pines has a cabin now. That is an option. Not sure of too many other places yet. Any ideas or suggetions would be great.

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    Sign me up.Chuck

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    I visited with Cuz from the 4Pines Ranch today. He is offering a group hunt at the price of $150 per hunter for the weekend. The possible date is the last weekend of July. (30,31,1st) There is a cabin on the ranch that will sleep 6. There are also water and electic hookups for anyone who might want to bring a camper. This is all just a plan...More info coming soon. If anyone would like to email email is

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    Would love to do a hog hunt with all yall. But I can't get away for that long right now. $150 for a weekend sounds like a good deal though.

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    Come on now Doug. We have not heard your input yet. Cat got ur tongue or what?

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    So far interested... Hogdude1234 txbhunter1 cabledad dougepooo

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    I communicated quite a bit on the subject with Shane Via e-mail, and I didn't say I wouldn't do a high fence hunt but I would prefer not too. Don might want to go also. Anouther thing I would prefer waiting until it got alittle cooler but I will try to make it no matter what you all decide.



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