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    Sorry to say that the 4Pines ranch is booked for the last weekend of this month. I guess I did not officially book our hunt with Cuz before someone else did. I know some of you took time off and planned around this weekend. Maybe we can find someplace else to go. Any ideas??? That is the only weekend free for me. If ya'll wanna do something else somewhere on another date, that is fine with me.

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    I'm pretty much open to whenever man. I'll look around.

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    i wasn't loookin forward to that heat anyway,lets do it at a better time of year

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    I hunted Wednesday night until 10.30 and it was hot.Still was fun.I am ready to go any week end I don't have call.Chuck

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    Come on now Doug. Ur not saying that u are just a fair weather hunter now are u? LOL

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    let me know i had submitted for some leave so i guess i will cancel it then

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    I'd like to apologize here in the open for my "oops". I was under the impression you guys were still getting a head count and trying to get a deffinant date. I should have checked back in with Shane but I had a brain fart. Anyway, if you guys decide to choose another weekend with 4pines when it's cooler I will keep that price available for THH. Sept, Oct or even if you guys want to come during deer/gun season.

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    thanks cuz, thats a stand up thing to do. Your alright

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