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    Latest Trail Cam Pix

    These are from last week. I pulled the cards Sunday. No pigs, but my deer are having a blast! The really big boys I have seen while pig hunting but have not caught on camera yet. I'm hanging bow stands and building new ground blinds this weekend. I'll also put out another 1200lbs of protein and top off the corn feeders. More pix next week.

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    some real nice coons in some of those pics.......

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    good looking animals there man

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    Thanks guys, I have been doing QDM for 8 years. When we bought the place It was covered in big bucks. Over the years pressure from surrounding ranches caused a crash in deer quality. I have boxes of cull horns that are broken and generally weak. I started feeding AntlerMax & Record Rack year round for two years and the deer population and horns exploded. Now I feed protein from Feb. thru Sept. I have 2 protein feeders and 2 corn feeders that I don't put cameras on til just before bow season. They are in a 6 acre sanctuary that we don't hunt in. I hang my stand and build the ground blinds on the pinch points coming out of it. You know what they say...the land with the best food wins.

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    SWEET!! Those are some nice deer! If you need any help, well, know....



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