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    What kind of Texas Hog Hunter are YOU anyway???

    Everyone chime in here and tell us where your FAVORITEplace to hog hunt is. Whether it is on public or private land, with an outfitter you would recommend, or whatever. Also, tell us your favoriteweapon you use tokill hogs. Bow, rifle, pistol, knife, crossbow, withdogs, etc. Do you like hunting them from the ground, stalking, up in a tree, or any other way??? One more thing. Share with us one of your most memorable or successful hog hunting stories. And no lies!! Thank You all for being members of and good luck hunting out there!!!

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    I can't tell you a favorite hog story since I haven't seen one since Dec.I love to hunt hogs,I have been killing hogs for 30 years and watched the number go up in Texas.I am a rifle hunter,I have shot most from the blind.A few from the truck on the ranch,when I used to own a ranch.I am thinking that a night scope will be great its ordered and should be in soon.I guess my favorite hog story is getting up at the ranch at 3 am looking out the from door and seeing a huge sounder of hogs under the feeder in my front yard.I took my mini 14 and shoot 4,scared all the guys to death,you ever gut and skin 4 hogs at 3 am in probably 85 degree temperature.I would like to do that again.I am sorry you restricted us from lying as I am an expert.100% Texan. Chuck

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    My second favorite hog story is on a deceased cpa from my hometown of Rockdale,Texas,he went to S.Texas to a big ranch to day hunt.They put him in a blind before dawn and told him don't shoot hogs in the trap.He sat up there and keep seeing hogs go by an openingin the brush real regular they would pass by this opening.Finally he decided that he could time them and get a shot if he was quick,well it happened he started shooting at these hogs when they passed by the opening,this went on for a while,they passed by and he shot.Finally he got down and went over to check the number,6 in a corral type trap. The ranch owner made him pay for the hogs and field dress them and he didn't get the meat.This would be funnier if you knew him.Chuck

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    My favorite place to hunt hogs is on my Family ranch here in Montague Co. I have enjoyed traveling around and hunting at a few other places, like the Dos Plumas Ranch (site sponsor) and occasionally on a friends property via invite, but it is hard to beat the convenience of home. My favorite weapon is my Mathews DXT equipped with a Mini Sniper. I really like getting close to the hogs and trying to beat their sense of smell. Hunting from the ground is awesome, I like the rush of being at eye level with the hogs. My most memorable hog hunt was actually one of my first hunts with my bow. I hunted till dark without seeing a single hog (this was pre Mini Sniper era), so I climbed down from the tree, untied my bow from my rope and turned around to walk back to the Gator. Right there, not 10 yards from me was a huge, dark figure, which I immediately recognized as a hog. It was a big lone boar feeding right there between my tree and the feeder. I froze, and then slowly got down on one knee when I thought the boar had turned away from me. In the pitch dark, I turned on my pin light, pulled an arrow from my quiver and nocked it (which was tough because I hadnever nockedanarrow in the dark with a hog just feet away from me), I slowly drew my bow and waited for the hog to turn. Once he did, I settled my pin right where I though his shoulder was. WHACK!!!! I nailed the hog right where I was aiming and he let out an ear piercing squeal as he ran right by me with the nock glowing on the end of the arrow sticking out of him. Man was my adrenaline pumping. I turned and saw my lighted nock traveling across the open area and off into the brush. I gave the hog about an hour, then went looking. I followed a great blood trail right into a small hole in a plum thicket. I went for it, got down and crawled into the tunnel. I could see my nock up there about 30 feet in front of me. I had no idea if the hogs was right there or if my arrow broke off, so I continued on. There was blood everywhere and it really started getting messy when I got to my broken arrow and beyond. Luckily the plum thicket thinned out after another 30 feet or so, and I was able to stand up. As I did I looked to my right and there was the boar right there, dead as could be. I was very excited to have killed my first big boar with my bow. He weighed about 285 lbs. and had some decent cutter on him. I somehow managed to drag that hog back through the thicket and loaded him into the Gator and headed home. I went in and got my wife and 2 kids (both girls) and had them come check out my prize. It was neat to see them so excited for me. I have been hooked on hog hunting with my bowever since.

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    private lands, 338 federal for a rifle, love runnin dogs, upmost favorite is huntin over a feeder at night with sniper hog light. heck, it's all fun however or whereever you hunt hogs

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    I like to hunt South Texas at La Mota ranch (private hunting club) in a elevated box blind with a Winchester model 70 .243 WSSM over a hog pipe and some food plots. I anticipate I will have a memorable season this year since we have already harvested a 400lb sow in August and there is alot of hog activity on the ranch, plentiful rains have blessed us this upcoming hunting season and even the deer are all over the place. I'm looking to harvest a 350lb plus boar this season with either my riffle or .357 mag pistola!!!

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    My wife & I like to hunt our place here in Grimes County. Obviously, we both have AR's with Sniper Hog lights mounted. We mostly hunt from tree stands around feeders. We will also stalk hunt espcially around our ponds & feeders. Our hogs are pretty skittish & smart-not like some of the shows where they walk up within 30 yds without cover & shoot a huge one! lol Putting on new updated pics of hogs we got late summer & our AR's .

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    I'm that "you tell them I'm coming and hells... coming... with me!" kind of hog hunter lol. Private ranch in freer, Texas



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