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    A Little Poll: Feeder Lights: "RED vs. WHITE"

    Of you who use lights at your feeders, how many of you use RED or WHITE?? Bob RiverRat

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    My Dad has 2 white flood lights pointed at his feeder from about 20 feet away. I am a RED Sniper Hog Light guy myself!!!

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    Me too with red for all, guns, bows and feeders.

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    red, sniper hog light

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    red for me too, green is not bad either....................I feel with time they would get used to any color of light on a feeder, especialy if the light was put up at the same time as the feeder................

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    I run 3 red and have one white, all with the dusk 2 dawn switches. I have shot lots of hogs with the white if I leave it on for 3 or 4 days before I hunt. They get use to it. The lights are 3 led setups from TX Boars I bought around 4 years ago. I noticed that you guys don't mention TX Boars much??

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    Red if I have the option. I do have a few white dusk/dawn switch activated cheapo feeder lights from Lowes in white. I think after awhile, they get used to them. I have noticed though that the bigger hogs tend to stay just outside the light. They tend to still come in and feed, but they don't often go directly under the light like smaller pigs will....

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    I agree I had a big boar coming in at 7 pm ever night and the keep rhe ladder on the feeder between the light and him.He was very careful not to get in that white light I never could get a shot at him and found him on the road dead.Chuck

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    Green Kill Light



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