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    Girlfriend shot her first

    I took a few peaple hunting hogs over the weekend and my girlfriend saw her first couple of wild boar and shot this fine boar weighing 144 lbs with a 30-30.One shot to the neck and he was DRT.She was pretty happy about that.The other guys all got shots as well with 3 of the 4 killing boars from 141 to 155 lbs. I found a field full of pigs for this one guy and he snuck in there and missed, 3 times but hey it happens some times......

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    Wasn't Don was it? LOL!!!!!!!!! Congrat's Doug. Looks like Tx hunting.

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    here are the others.....

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    and somhow this guy did NOT kill a pig......

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    good stuff, It is always fun putting someone on there first hog or deer

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    Danged!!! When I see pictures like that it makes me want to abandon my plans to go to Texas in Nov. ,and pack up and leave tomorrow at first light!! Looks like you had fun, pictures don't lie. Congrats!! Bob RiverRat

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    The one stalking, is a great pic Doug. Bit of fog or haze and a field full of pigs.

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    Looks like ya'll had a blast. Love the morning stalk pic, doesn't get any better than that. Nice pigs. Congrats to your girlfriend on the 1st hog. How did she do when the work started?

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    This was a gouided hunt so we had guys clean them for us.She did cook the back straps of hers just a few days later.

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    Awesome!!! Congrats to your girl for whacking her second hog. The first hog is you right??? LMAO!!!



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