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    Hog Hunting Lure/Attractants....

    Hello All, Don't know where to post this so if in the wrong place please move to appropriate section. I was at academy the other day and saw a hog hunting lure called sow in heat by tinks, just wondering if any fellow hog hunters have heard or tried this stuff. If so what results did you get? I bought a bottle of it and am waiting till it clears up and dries some as it has been raining here in south texas but hopefully will try it out this weekend...thanks for reading and any info you can provide me....Be safe and hunt hard.

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    Never tried it, but bought the code blue brand. Waiting to use it. Tried the spray can twice with no results, except that my son sprayed himself by accident while setting it off. I got a huge laugh out of that. Bad thing was, he got back into the blind with me.

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    Guys, I'm not an advocate for or against these products but I do want you to consider this idea. No matter what you put out there if you put it out at the beginning of a hunt and then judge it's effectiveness by what happens on that hunt you are not likely giving it a fair evaluation. No product can make hogs appear out of thin air. Corn for example we all know attracts hogs like crazy as well as deer, coons and others but if you go out in the field where there has been no corn for a long period of time, dump some on the ground and then surmise that corn is no good because you don't see anything that hunt you are lying to your self. The best way to use attractants of all kinds is to put it out in advance, give the animals time to find it and then hunt the area in the hopes that your quarry has found it and is now frequenting the area in hopes of running into the source of your attractant. but if your gonna do that, you just as well put out corn, ect.

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    Doug's right, don't think the animals you are hunting will just show up because you sprayed or poured something out the day you hunt. Every year I see pickups loaded with deer corn headed to hunt opening weekend. You have to work at the setup. Let the animals find it and use cameras to check it. Then keep baiting the area. I am trying the Acorn Rage bags ($11) and spray ($10) for the first time. I know the deer are hitting the acorns so that's what I put out. I put a camera on it last week and re-baited yesterday. I'll check the cameras Wed. and if the wind is right this weekend, I'll hunt it. I see lots of sign...bait is gone. After all the rain this weekend, I saw the first pig tracks since May. They are Huge and it walked 30 yards from camp.

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    Hello guys, Thanks for your replies, I know I cannot just put this out and expect hogs to come running in, I know that like corn the hogs in the area have to across and find it in order for it to work. I have used another product called hog wild I believe, that every time it's used it seems to attract and bring in hogs. I saw this in the store and just thought I'd give it a try, If it works great, if it doesn't then I learned something about this product and will try something else.....thanks for reading and if anyone wants to try a product that has always worked for me I suggest you try hog wild...Be safe and hunt hard.

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    Box Jello works just as good as hog wild and is alot cheaper

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    I agree if you got hogs on your place, then they will eventually come out no matter what you put out there, being consitent in baiting several areas is the key, you might put the most expensive bait in one location, but if the hogs dont frewuent that area they wont hit the bait. Try baiting areas that you know hogs are moving through and keep it baited continously, they will learn that when they need food they will know where to get some!!!

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    Destroyer, I will have to agree with Txbhunter1. But dig these blues my hog blood brother. Sow-n-heat does work. So does Dominant boar and the code blue, as well as the bombs. Thing is, you'll have to use wicks days prior to your hunt. Not only that, you'll have to scout. You'll have to have viable signs that hog activity is going on in your area. Alot of baits and attractants on the market is designed to catch the hunter, not the hunted. Sow-n-heat is just plain ol' pig piss in a bottle. Hell. if you drink enough beer and piss in a bucket of deer corn and pop a lid on it and let it sour, dig a 1-3 foot hole and cover it up, you'll have hogs there long enough to stick all you can clean. Those products work but nothing beats the cheap stuff and the advice that you can get from your bros here at



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