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    Game camera with 6 volt rechargable battery

    I've been using older model Moultrie D40game cameras that use a 6 volt rechargable spring top battery with a solar panel to keep the batteries charged. The cameras are getting old and are beginning to give me problems. Does anyone one have any suggestions? Which camera on the marketwill allow me to attach a rechargable battery pack to it?

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    I have a stealth cam. I've had no probs w/ the camera. It takes great pics. Only problem I've had is it seems to eat my 12v battery like its going out of style even w/ a solar panel. Been using a reg deer feeder 12v battery. gonna get a cheap car battery and see if it will last longer. Who knows its prob operator error lol

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    I just bought a Moultrie D55-IR ($119 at Academy and Cabelas) and I'm very very pleased with it. Uses 6 C-Cell batteries and after 2 weeks in the field it still shows 95% battery life left. It triggers at a better distance than any other Moultrie I have (7 total, D-40s and I-40s). Can't comment on trigger speed since I always put the cameras on corn.

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    If anyone has any old Moultrie Game Spy 100 or 200 trail cameras you would like to get rid of, please let me know

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    With the battery life of the new cameras up over 3 months at a minimum, it isn't hardly worth the trouble of the external batteries. I have 2 D-40s I run off of 12v 8ah external batteries, and an old 6v internal battery Moultrie but since getting the I-40s and D55-IR I'm happily weeding the older cameras out as they fail. Good luck on finding any older Moultries in good working order, the motion sensors fail after a few years and the flashes last about the same in my personal experiences. They were good for the money at the time and the best bang per buck, but with the D55-IRs at $119 brand new, it's the only way to go.



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