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    McCroskey Knives

    Anybody used a McCroskey knife,I am thinking about buying one.Chuck

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    They look quality. Seems they measure your hand first, good idea. Bought my son a Legler knife and I like it. Muela makes some real nice ones too.

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    I talked to Dave McCroskey he told me about people usng there knives on 15 deer with out being resharpened,the knives are apparently super sharp peal the print off of paper.He has lots testimonials and has been doing it a long time.I absolutly love a good sharp knife,I have a Tom Beery hammer forged knive that is super and 1/2 truck load of Cutco knives that are pretty good but they still tend to get dull when you get in to a hog.I was hoping somebody around here had one of McCroskey knives.



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