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    Night time hog raiders

    We have been seeing alot more pig activity at La Mota Ranch in Benavides TX, especially at the hog pipes and traps, we currently are'nt using any type of light source after dark with the exception of one feeder that has an older version of the hog feeder light mounted 10 ft away from the feeder. Several times we fill the hog pipe in the afternoon and by the next day they get raided at night and emptied out. Any good sugesstions on how to get the hogs coming out early in the am or during the day or late afternoon? Our plan for spring is to build our own light rigs and set them up for some night hunting action after deer season, but for right now we want to increases our chances of seeing the sounders hitting our baits during daylight hours.

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    Lighten up the hunting pressure on them............................

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    Why not hunt them at night?... You mentioned that you fill the pipes in the evening. This might not be the best time to do this. The pigs might be trying to come in during or shortly after that time, but they get scent of where you have recently been and won't come in until much later after the scent has worn off, and the coast is clear. Maybe try filling them in the middle of the day so that by the time the ole'evening feeding roles around for them, the pipe area doesn't smell like humans...

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    I figured that there was alot of hunting pressure, I myself dont get to make it down to the ranch very often, but there are alot of other hunters that hunt at the ranch and neighbors with blinds / feeders nearby, not to mention that there were alot of hogs harvested in Aug-Oct. We have been trying to fill the pipes right at noon, along with setting the hog traps at the same time, I try to lay plenty of bait all over the senderos and anywhere where the pigs might cross, I will be out there again during christmas and new year break, hope I get a monster herd of hogs hitting my feeders and hog pipes, gotta put my new model 70 wssm to the test!!!

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    get a sniper hog light, and hunt at night, opens a whole new world to hog huntin , especially hard hunted areas

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    I love the way people stick in their plug for some lights, but since you asked on ideas of getting them to come out during day light I would say alter your feeding habits & less hunting pressure. Maybe set your feeders to go off just before day light or later & not go off in the afternoon. Fill your hog tubes in the morning & dont fill them all the way up. Best of luck to you.



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