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    She is camping out at the protein feeder & it seems to be healing up. Still a huge hole, but she looks ok. She certainly knows to stay close to the easy food source.

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    Here are the lastest pics of the doe. Looks like it is healing well. Just got a big hole where her ham should be!

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    If your going to take this many pictures of that doe you should give her a name.Chuck

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    good to see her healing, i didn't think she would make it.

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    I would guess that was caused by Gary, He always shoots em there!

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    I can always count on Doug for support here. I shoot them there for your non-blood trailing hounds man. ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Wow....I can't believe she has healed so well!

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    That protein really helped her I guess. It is now just a 'hole' in her rear. Doesn't look open at all. It was all new to us!

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    good to hear she healed up so well



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