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    Strange injury-Ideas???

    What could injure a doe in this manner. We haven't seen anything like it. Do you think it can survive?

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    I'm thinking cat or coyote. Infection will eventually set in and take it's course. Talk to the GW and show him these pic's and ask him what he thinks. My suggestion, for what it's worth, put her down...................................

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    looks like a cat got ahold of her.doudtful she will make it through the winter

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    I agree with Gary on this one. Not sure what else it could be.

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    We have seen cougar prints 1 or 2x a yr. Occasionally, someone will catch a glimpse of one but I haven't seen it myself. Supposedly, there is at least 1 in the area. We are taking your advice & have sent the pics to a warden. Thanks for the opinions.

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    Looks like a big cat tried to get a piece of her ass!!!

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    She must of HAD a nice one! Caught her on camera this week & the wound looks like it is starting to heal. Showed a game warden & he thought cat first & coyotes second. He seemed to think she would survive if not caught by a predator. Learning alot with this doe.

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    I'm thinkin it may be a coyote attack, typically cats whether big Bobs or Lions will almost always go for the neck area to take down and finally kill their quarry. I am not saying they always do it in that way but most of the time they will. The coyote will try to team up and drag the animal down from behind trying to take out hte backlegs and finally overwhelming its victim when the rest of the pack can get ahold and finally kill it. I've seen both predators take down animals and this one just looks like the yote to me.

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    That was our first thought-because we thought cats would go for the neck also. We've seen coyotes eat the entire backside of cow & work forward. It is just this is such a BIG HOLE & her legs don't show any damage. That's what was throwing us. Thanks for the help.

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    have you seen her lately, hope she's makin it



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