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Thread: Wild Boar Fever

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    Wild Boar Fever

    So, me and my brother in law went down to Rancho Sueno Mio just outside of Mathis TX near the lake for the last weekend of deer season in South Texas, already in the season five nice bucks had been harvested off the ranch and I had my chance at a nice buck that I knocked down, but he managed to get up and scoot away into the thick brush. But what I have always wanted to take has been a 250lb or plus wild boar, unfortunately in the past 5 years of hunting Rancho Sueno mio, we ahve never seen one pig, only pack of javelinas, until Sat after the morning hunt, we driving up to the front gate of the ranch to grab some breakfast and there right smack in the middle of the road is a monster wild boar, rooting his way thru a swamp after all the rain we had this weekend, we quickly stopped the truck and jumped out grab my son's single shot .243 and put the cross hairs on him and "click" the round did not fire the gun stayed stuck on safety, so I reload, reset and by then two more boars begin crossing the road following the 1st monster, they are just a tad smaller but still every bit of 200lbs, big and black, so I put my crosshairs on the second boar and "click" the gun stuck again on safety, by this time my brother in law is grabing his bow to walk up and stalk the pigs when they all begin heading into the thcik swampy brush, headed right straight to the property boundry, right before they cross the fence I get one more opportunity to put a bead on them a pop off a round when the gun "click" one last time, no fire and the pigs slip deep into the brush, very frustrating. So we head back out again in the evening hunt, saw no deer and get back in the truck to leave the ranch and we decide to give the front area a nice look to see if the hogs are at in the swamp and sure enough, a group of at least six nice pigs feeding and walking slowly in the swamp bottum lands heading to the brush, with only 5 minutes of daylight left before total darkness we dicided to not put a stalk on the pigs and risk messing up the next days hunt for a buck. Well, we should have tried to stalk the pigs, because the next day not only did we not see any more deer, but the hogs were long gone and who knows when we will ever get that chance again to a harvest a true wild boar!!!

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    Man that sux....did you ever determine why the rounds never fired? Was/is it just a dirty gun or true misfired ammo? If it is a true misfire I would return every bit of that ammo case back to the store and get new. Let the store deal with the supplier as to why they dont fire. If it was a dirty gun....shame on everyone. I had this happen once to me as well but it was with a shotgun. Misfired a few times. Called it a hunt and went back to the house to try to figure out why and and found that the gun was just dirty and the firing pin was not hitting the primer hard enough due to build up. Now, I always make sure that the gun is cleaned before going out and when put up. I try to do it the day or night before I go out. I do a complete teardown and clean everything and put it all back together (being a shotgun there aint much and it is very easy, but some rifles might be more dificult). I hope you are able to determine the issue.

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    No, it's just not my regular gun i shoot with and it has a switch that you can flip on the side to safety and fire, for some reason even though it was on fire it still would act like it was on safety, but I have to admit, I did get a little of the wild boar fever and got too anxious to pop of a round instead of making sure the hammer was cocked, saftey flipped to fire, etc!!!

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    had a lever gun that had a push button safety, don't know how many times i pulled the hammer back and pulled the trigger only to have a click, got rid of that gun pretty quick. Hope you get a chance to get on some big hogs again.

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    The gun I was using was my son's single shot Rossi Trifecta, I only grabbed it because it was stll out of the case, had the big gun (.270) already put up, so I guess it was my fault, but we definitely were not expecting to see hogs on the road since we had never seen one in the past 5 years, we have only found hair on the fence and every once and a while one or two tracks, but I guess they were moving with the rain and then we later found that a nearby farmer had huge piles of stinky grain that he dumped in a corner of his property and it looked the pigs were making their way towards the grain, we just got lucky on timing that they passed in front of us at 10am

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    Guess you may need to have your son show how to use his gun huh? LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bad luck...........

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    My son is great shot with that riffle, I definitely know how to use it, but those pigs caught me completly by surprise, never in my wildest dreams did I expect to see them on the road leaving the ranch, I just plain got boar fever, but that safety stayed in stuck and would not fire even in the fire position, it took us several times to flip it back and forth before it worked again. i know that I will get my chance at a monster boar once again in march when i head back to La Mota ranch where the pigs are moving all the time

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    No wonder you don't have many hogs, everytime you ever saw one you tried to kill it. That doesn't sound like your makin em feel welcome. Seriously, from this day forward, always think safty, but don't ever go anywhere on that ranch without a gun at the ready. You never know when or where your gonna see them. Now if you see them and they don't see you, you may have all the time in the world but if they see you at the same time you see them or before, you may not have much time at all. Next year you will almost surly see them under your feeders during the deer season and before, but once you shoot at them a couple of times, well it will get a little more diffficult. Good luck, be safe, and shoot stright!



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