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    Pig tales

    Ok so I've got access to this cabin in the woods near Centerville, Tx. Shane and Gary, you guys know where I'm talkin about. Keechi, It's jogging distance from your house. Anyway, a couple of weeks ago a few of us were going up for a hog hunt and I went up a day early to get things ready and make sure the feeders were all working and so on. Well, I hunted that next afternoon and saw nothing and by the time my brother and nephew got to the cabin, Around 10 pm,I was feeling pretty shitty! I had been feeling bad off and on for about two weeks and my last two attacks including this one were much worse. I had very bad abdominal pains and was throwing up violently so soon after they arrived I agreed to go to the emergency room located in Crokett. There I had several tests and x-rays and it was decided that my gall bladder and I were destin to go our seperate ways and soon. Well my brother and anouther friend of ours both know a general sergion there in Crockett so I talked to him and scheduled sergery for the mourning of Fri.Feb 11 th. SoI went over on thurs. met with the doctor and then drove over to the cabin to try to get a hunt in the evening before surgery. Well as luck would have it when I got to the cabinI found many problems. Pipes had froze and busted, I was locked out, bulbs were burnt out, sodas had froze and busted in the fridge, it was a mess. So there was way too much work to be done before dark for me to try to go hunting! So, I began doing what I could and about 4:30 I decided to figure out what all I needed from the hardware store and go into town before they closed at 5. So everything went well and I got back to the cabin and started on the pipes again when suddenly I looked over to a feeder we have right out in the front pasture and what did I see? 8 big hogs feeding right there under the feeder about 200 yards away..........

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    so I walk over to my van and try to decide if I'm gonna take pictures or try a 200 yard stalk, in the open, with my bow. Well, I opted for the bow. Slowly I put my bow togather and began my stalk. I was wearing a gray sweetshirt and bluejeans. Slowly a creap up on them all the while expecting them to spot me and run away, and they did. Several times one of them would see me move and run over to the woodline taking the whole group with them but everytime one of the hogs that didn't see me would quickly resume eating and the others couldn't stand it and would go right back to feeding.tthere were two black and white ones, One really good one, one all white one, one brown one, and four black ones, two of which were real good size boars. Maybe all of them were boars I don't know. The smallest of all of them was perhaps 80 pounds. No little ones in this group. So I slowly close the distance all the while trying not to be seen. The two smallest of them were the brown one and the white one and they were always out in the field were there was nothing at all between them and me.They were a real concern because I had no cover from those two and they were always the closst ones to me. But I wanted one of those biger black ones. I could plainly see the tusks on both of them as well as the biggest of the black and white ones. So finally I found myself within about 20 yards and couldn't believe my luck at having gotten there. the one I wanted was very causious and stayed near the tree line, always ready to run away at the slightest hint that somthing was amise. And he was always the last to return after a scare. I drew on him twice but each time he would turn stright toward me or walk behind a nearby pine tree. Once I held for a long time but he never offered a shot. Then finally everything came togather for me. The two smaller pigs looked away, the one I wanted turned broadside where I could see him, right under the feeder, everything was in place. Now I don't know why but for reasons I may never undderstand, I was more nervious or excited than I have ever been while hunting.My knees were literally shaking.Maybe it was from all the build up, from all the time it took me to get there. Maybe it was from the fact that it was such a good hog I was about to try to harvest.I don't know but i have bow hunted all over the world and have taken mamy trophys but for some reason this group of hogs had me all shook up. I was breathing hard, had a higher than normal heart rate and my knees were actually shaking. I didn't know if I could make the shot! I looked away, out into the field were I couldn't even see the pigs and I tried to take a few deep breaths but I knew I couldn't wait forever and it might just as well get worse before it got better. So, I looked back over at the feeder, at the hog I wanted, and I again drew my bow. I settled on his shoulder and sent one on it's way. The arrow hit right where it was supposed to and they were all off with a squeal. I watched as they ran off and hoped it was a hit good enough to get it done. It has been my experience that many hogs even when hit well are never found when shot with a bow. And worse, I thought it looked like the arrow had not penetrated as far as i would have liked it to.

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    Well i went back to the cabin and finished the pipe repairs and then decided to get on the bloodtrail before dark which was fast approaching. Well the trail was pretty good and went about 100 yards or so when finallyI found my boar.

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    Now there is alot more to this story but I can't seem to upload any of my picture except this one taken with a phone because all my others are taken with a digital camera and the site says the files are too big. I will resume the story if anyone can tell me how I can post these pics.......

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    hell of a day, nice hog, might have to resize photos in paint or photo shop

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    Haven't ever been that good or lucky to sneak up on one! That is why my wife & I use an AR! Great job! I hope you can get the other pics on.



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