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Thread: BIG brown boar

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    BIG brown boar

    Check out these pics. First time we have seen this brownboar on any of our game cameras. Thought it was a dang heifer from the cattle ranch next door when downloading! Look how long his legs are! We have a couple big black boars that roam through our place but this may be the biggest yet & it looks like he can still put on more! Would love to get this one!

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    Gotta love when Ma Nature puts an aiming spot on the animal. LOL!!!!!!!

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    nice spotted hog,

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    Cần gấp 2 bạn nữ phục vụ quán c* phê Đông Du
    Địa chỉ: 250 Nơ Trang Long, Qu*n Bình Thạnh
    LH: 0903 314 101 ( Ms Thảo )



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