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    whats the best way to cook wildhog ribs?

    tried to cook some from a hog I whacked last summer, very tough, Ha! any recommendations would be great..

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    bake them in a paper bag first, then throw em on the grill

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    We soak in Pineapple juice for 12 hrs or more, slather on the BBQ sauce & let marinate, & then cook. The longer you can to do this, the more tender they are. Good luck

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    Boil them in seasoned water (whatever seasoning you like as long as there is some garlic and salt involved) until tender, then slather them with whatever flavoring you like (I like BBQ sauce), slow smoke them on a smoker (not mequite wood) on fairly low heat while basting often. Get plenty of napkins and/or a wet towel and devour everything but the bone.

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    Thanks for the advice, I hope to whack a hog this weekend, and use your advice..

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    Season them up with your favorite BBQ rub, smoke with mesquite at 200* for 4 hours, wrap in foil, add a splash of beer, throw in the oven at 225*, drink another beer or 6, eat em up!!!!

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    Dog gone you guys you done went and made me hungery,I guess some ribs will make my day.Thanks for reminding me.Chuck

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    Can I brag? They were great.Good thing hogdude1234 stirred things up Chuck

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    I know i am a little late, But here goes, this is my fall off the bone ribs... salt, pepper and spread italian seasoning on the meat side of the ribs. Place them in a crok pot meat side to the wall of the crock pot (WITHOUT WATER, DO NOT ADD WATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) dry for 8-12 hrs. you are going to need a way to get them out without them falling apart. then grab sweet baby rays BBQ suace throw the ribs on the grill and baste as many times as you desire.... My daughter says the are better than Chillies ribs!!!!!

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    Thank you guys for tips. A lot of recipe ideas here!



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