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Thread: Flex Corn

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    Flex Corn

    Hey guys and girls. Has anyone use Flex Corn that they have at academy? Since corn is like gold now in price, was wondering if any of y'all have used this for deer of pigs and how did it work? Was thinking of mixing a bag or 2 of corn w/ it or topping it w/ Hog Heaven or Hog wild. Found corn at Dicks for $6 and change #40 bag.

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    what is the flex corn -- haven't seen any around here.

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    I don't know what it is but I am going to give it a try and I will let you know.I drive by Academy several times aweek in Sherman.Chuck

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    Flex corn is a product from Wildgame products (of cheap game cams etc fame) from what I understand its left over cracked corn mixed w/ protein, molasses fillers etc. Its in the form of small nuggets from what I understand. I've looked at other forums and have not heard very good results from using it. Some say the deer and hogs hit it hard and a majority say its great coon feed thats about it. Everyone says DO NOT put in a feeder because it swells from moisture and clogs quickly. Who knows I may grab a bag just for the hect of it and fill my pig pipe up with it and see what happens. That is when the hogs come back.

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    You can believe its not going to get rained on the way things are going. I am going to get a bag and dump it out where I was trapping before my operation I am to the point I am ready to start feeding again.Try to do that this week.Chuck

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    sounds like it might be alright to put in traps - will have to pick some up and try it - been baiting with fish leftovers -- coons really love this

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    Went to Academy and they didn't have any flex corn they just had regular corn for 8.49 a 40 pound bag. Chuck

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    Chuck dont know if you have a Dicks Sports near by I bought corn there yesterday for $6.95 #40. Farm report says that there will be a large corn harvest this year so hopefully prices will drop soon.

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    We have used Flex corn. Everything eats it but it really messes with your feeders if it ever rains. Since the drought here is in full force it might be a good alternative. Our corn here the Brazos Valley is too dry for good silage unless they irrigated. If corn comes down, it might be the only thing going down in this economy! Use it if necessary but if you can afford corn or protein I would stick with it. Has anyone seen many fawns? We have only seen two. They say the does are aborting or abandoning them due to lack of food & water. Water is our biggest problem. Tanks are down to about 20% muddy water. We may have to start hauling in water. Don't look forward to it. We're praying for a huge tropical storm!

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    On my tank at Rockdale I saw Deer tracks in the mud and no little fawn tracks,no hog sign at all.I heard it rained like crazy in in Bastrop.I am sick of this long hot dry summer.Ready to start back to hog hunting.Chuck



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