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    Hog Huting Lights for sale

    I have been working on a light designed for hog hunting for about 5 years now. i hae been selling them on eBay and have been getting enough great responses that I decided to create a website. Here is one of the reviews from another forum i am on. My review of Wannabee light... I got my Wannabee Light a few days ago along with both charges, the solar panel and the external 6v battery pack. I mounted it all on a tree about 7-8 yards away from the feeder pointing right at the feeder and between the feeder and the blind. So the light would shine on the hunters side of the hog/s. That same evening one of my hunters went to this blind at around 7:00PM and at about 9:30PM this bruiser boar came in alone. When the light first came on the hog back stepped a few steps and then came back in. The hunter busted him about 2 yards from straight under the feeder. I have to say I'm impressed! I've tried a lot of feeder lights and they have been a complete disappointment. The hogs would either run into the next county when the light hit them or not come in at all if there was a constant light there at the feeder. This hog knew something happened but didn't know what and came right back after the light came on. I think had I put the light higher on the tree he probably wouldn't have even noticed anything at all. I only put the light about chest high on the tree. Tomorrow I'm going to get a ladder and raise it way up there and see what happens. The light is plenty bright to see your scope cross hairs at 100 yards and bright enough to bow hunt it for sure but it's not "blinding" bright like some I've used. It's important to note that my ranch is NOT high fenced or game fenced. These hogs are WILD and do not HAVE to have the corn to survive like a fenced hog. It's one thing to get a hog under a lite feeder in a game fence but in most cases it's a completely nother thing to get a wild hog under one! All in all, so far, it's looking like this thing will do the trick! Keep up the good work, Dennis! Check it out at Thanks Dennis

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    This light really works, it is light enough to darry in a pack and it only comes on at night with motion. The hogs just don't seem to notice it Dennis

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    I have had a lot of lookers, but no one has even asked me a question about my lights. Maybe my website says it all and no one is interested. I get a lot of attention on the Texas Hunters forum. I really thought this one would be even better. I was sure there were hog hunters on here that hunt them at night. If anybody is interested, give me a call Dennis

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    I have changed the name due to infringement. You need to take a look at my lights. I am trying to make the best light for the money out there. If a person gets the complete setup witht the 6 volt external battery and the 3 watt solar panel, the light should cycle well over 400 times each night and then charge up even on cloudy days. This setup should be able to be put up and work every night for at least a year before the batteries need to be replaced. I will replace the batteries anytime within the first 2 years is needed for free. I am so confident that this light will be what every hog hunter needs that I offer a 30 day money back policy if it just doesn't work for you. I will even pay the return shipping. You really have nothing to lose so give one a try. Dennis

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    they look good to me.

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    Small and simple.

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    I just ordered one. Can't wait to see how this works.

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    Got my light in within 5 days. Finally got out there about 2 weeks ago & put it on a tree so I am using the solar panel. Have been letting them get adjusted to it around a corn & protein feeder. Went out last evening for a couple hours. No pigs came while I was in the stand. However, I was able to stalk a 160lb razorback looking boar at another feeder. So I didn't leave empty handed. We are having deer & hogs coming in at night, so I think it was working for us. I want to stay out late one night & get the big boar that comes to it.

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    I am going to check them out now.

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    I am going to check them out now.



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