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    HD1234: Pig Killa'!!!!

    Been a while, y'all!!! Hope er'body is still kickin'!!!! <embed height="344" width="425" src=" 8" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"></embed>

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    Glad to see you back,keep killing them hogs.

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    HOG DUDE1234 how in the world have you been!!! Glad to see your back Kill'en and Grill'en and have'n a great time doing it. Keep the Viedos comming...

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    Way to go Brother!!!!!!!!!! As always, top notch vid's.

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    Another pig down! Keep'em coming. Good job. We survived the wild weather last night & are checking the land today. I hope our ponds got full with all the crazy wind & rain. It was coming down sideways at the house & down the chimney. Gotta get back out ourselves. Hope the piggies are back.....

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    Nice very nice, can't believe your gun huntin now but still nice



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