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    Reviews on Bushnell Stealthview II Night vision

    I was thinking about purchasing the Bushnell Stealthview IInight vision mono with my credit card points. It claims to have Gen 2+ capabilities. I'm looking for something that will allow me to see up to about 120-150 yards at night. Does anyone here have anyexperience with this product of any recommendations? Thanks!

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    The specs on that web page only says 300 feet which = 100 yards and you blog says you want to go up to 120-150 yards. Just something I wanted to point out.

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    Yeah, I noticed that. Might not work for my needs. I guess a better question mught be if anyone could recommend an good value night vision that would would bee effective up to 120-150 yards. I'd appreciate any suggestions.

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    Call Clark mand talk to him directly. He sells all that stuff.

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    If not Clark can point you in the right direction anyways. He has all kinds of them toys.

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    Thanks guys!

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    Try the XLR-250 green light first. Its only $140.00....i have found that it works just as good as a night scope + you can get a motion light for your feeder...when it comes on you can see under your feeder and use the XLR to follow your kill...As i have seen in the past the gen 2's are very grainy and blurry and don't hold a good accuracy after the first 2 shots...if you want to spend the money get a gen 3...but get ready to spend about 4-5K.

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    I like the XLR-250. My son and I both have one. Works great!

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    Fergie, Give me a call and we can discuss options. Just try to figure out what you really want to do with a device....are you looking for a viewer or a weapon sight? And come up with a budget. Like the old saying goes "You get what you pay for". I've used all kinds of stuff over the last 20 years....some worked...some didn't. Shoot me a quick email and we'll get you fixed up!



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