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Thread: Hog Dog Hunt

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    Talking check out this hog outfitter

    I had a great hunt at Newsom Ranch this was my third time hunting at the ranch and I have not been disappointed at all. Although the weather was really cold this weekend I was still pleased with the time I had. When ever I hunt out at Newsom ranch I am always treated like family and I feel like the camp house is a second home to me. If you are looking for a very affordable hog hunt you have to look at this place. This was my first hog dog hunt and I was not disappointed with the action or the hog I was able to take. The guides on the hunt were extremely nice and they were very patient with me. They were very willing to inform me what to do once the hog was bayed up were to insert the knife and the fastest way to dispatch the hog. If you're looking for a great place to hunt hog with kids, family, or friends I recommend emailing Payton Newsom. Check them out at

    This is the Hog I was able to take on my first hog dog hunt. IMG_0631.jpg
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    How do you teach dogs to hunt hogs? I have 2 australian cattle dogs and a beagle that I use when I go rabbit hunting and I would like to try and teach my cattle dogs to hunt boar. Any advice or any links or videos that could help me out? Thanks

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    Are you talking Blue heelers? If so I know some fellas that have used them, but they tended to overheat and were short range dogs. That being said it takes work and the desire to hunt in the dog. Without getting into other breeds, a simple bit of advice is to start them by going to a baypen with smaller pigs and see if they have an interest. If they do then take them out two to three times a week and let them "Bay" the pigs once they get the general idea( usually getting with someone who has seasoned hog dogs and working your dogs with One of their proven dogs) till they bay on their own. Then graduate them to inside the baypen with the pig. Its a time and patience thing but you want to do this with someone who is experienced. Even a small pig can bruise your dogs if it hits them in the ribs.



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