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    Green light on hogs.

    I am a little new at this hunting hogs during the night. But it sure is lots of fun. This last trip to oklahoma, I just could not figure these hogs out. They have been coming into the feeder like clock work. The first night in the stand they came right in. I watch some hogs for a while and waited for the right shot. Put the green light on them and pulled the trigger on my AR and click. My bolt did't pick up the round. By the time I figured it out, the hogs were gone. Well after several nights, the hogs just seem to be real nervous. Several times I heard them but they just did not show themselves. Well after the 4th night in the stand they came in. I turned on the green light on my scope and they were off. I hit two hogs on the run with my WBY 257. Both were hits but was unable to locate either hogs. Times in the past the green light did not seem to bother the hogs. They would get a little nervous but you were still able to get a standing shot. Has anyone else had this happen to them. I started thinking about a night vision scope but just can't justify the cost, for one hunt a year. Any suggestion out there.

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    Green does not work as good on hogs as red. The science behind it is related to the wavelength of the color. Red is close to the same wavelength as the infrared that night vision puts out. As far as money goes, you're better off just getting a red light with adjustable intensity. Heres more information on hog hunting lights



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